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 Changes i would make

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Date d'inscription : 2016-10-16

Changes i would make Empty
PostSubject: Changes i would make   Changes i would make EmptySun 16 Oct - 12:30

Hello, i decided to make this post in order to give my opinion about what's wrong in the server.

- 70 spears have the same attack as 2h weapons, wich isn't supposed to happen [Spears are always stronger but no wide shock skill]

- The AP farming rate is good but soon no one will need it. All you can do with it is buying weapons/tops and they dont give a huge difference from the normal ones. All we get is a extra slot basically. So, my question is: When everyone has those pre-eled tops/weps, what they gonna do with the AP? buy firecrackers? maybe some name changes? I dont think so. Its pretty easy to farm 6-7k AP in one day, took me some hours to get 8k. Also, the server economy seems to be fucked up because people wont sell anything for AP, only the pre-eled tops/weps but well.. lol.

- Make the server a bit more interesting. Besides pvp and farming ap, theres nothing to do since you can get maxed in 1h [No accessories, cape and debuffs ofc] but the rest is pretty easy to get. So instead of being in KI 24/7 farming AP so we can buy 2 types of items only [Tops/weps], make something more interesting to do, something that increases the pvp. A map with mobs, hard mobs that require a party to kill, with a chance of dropping something good, something that exists in game already or something new, your choice. But please, give us something to do, people will eventually get bored of being only able to farm in KI and as soon as they reach the AP for the weps/tops, where they will farm? thats right, nowhere.

- Spear windspin animation is kinda bugged, idk if its only for me but still, take a look at it.
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Changes i would make
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