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 Play Fair Rules For Everyone!!!

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Play Fair Rules For Everyone!!! Empty
PostSubject: Play Fair Rules For Everyone!!!   Play Fair Rules For Everyone!!! EmptySun 29 Jan - 19:36

Hi. Btw If we implement Rules for Everyone, for Example Today`s TOPLESS Event, We are Reporting Some AoL Using Tops Middle of Pvp and this Lovely Staff`s Members Specially /ADM/GM who is Hosting this event, just Giving Warnings and Non Stop Warnings For AoL Side While on Fury just Accidentally Dced and RGing IN base and insta jail/Ban 1Day for Violating the Rules, so Here We Are The Problem is Why Every time Fury got mistake on Event like TOPLESS Fury insta jail/ban, When it comes to AoL tons of Warning before you Ban AoL we Need Screen Shot of this who Violate the Event Rules, Can we make it fair For all This is why we Fury keep Saying that ToS only works on Fury not For AoL, because you guys let us feel how u in Favor for AoL Side.
+ its not my 1st time i got warning by ADM_Ruiz on Topless event she didnt even jail me or ban 1day bc its accidentally : well we cant change that biased is biased end of story.

#RESPECT Play Fair for All Stop being Biased, you Know who you are.
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Play Fair Rules For Everyone!!!
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