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 Market on Website like the Reroll/Customize-System

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Date d'inscription : 2017-01-27

Market on Website like the Reroll/Customize-System Empty
PostSubject: Market on Website like the Reroll/Customize-System   Market on Website like the Reroll/Customize-System EmptyFri 27 Jan - 17:03

Hey Guys,

sorry for my worse english, but i hope u can get it what im trying to say:

Im feeling tired of WTS/WTB in Tradechat ingame or sit in AH with market up. In the meanwhile you cant do pvp or other things.

How about an official market-place/topic in this forum or better: a tradefunction on Website like the customize/reroll-system?

I Mean a plattform where all users can choose their items to sell by dropdown-menu. This item will be shown in market with all normal and orange stats, linked lapis, Customized and Ele. They choose a payment-system like GM RR+1 or other items they need by dropdown aswell. AND they can choose, if they wants to trade for a fix or variable Number of gm rr+1. Like "variable to 4". So the Number"4" is also accepted, but its important that the buyer doesnt see the variable Number!

And otherwise users can search items they want to buy. The Buyer can choose the item he want to trade/pay. But the payment-system has to accept ONLY this item the seller has chosen as needed.

So for example:
1. Seller wants to sell a weap like Ebrach Earth. He put it ingame in his inventory, log out and put it in the online-market. The item has to be in iventory till the Trade is done. Otherwise the Trade fails.
2. Seller wants 5 gm rr+1 for it and choose "Gm RR+1" as payment-system and the Number "5" by dropdown.
3. Buyer wants to buy an Ebrach Earth. He search for it on online-market.
4. Buyer found what he wants. But Buyer doesnt want to pay 5 gm rr+1. He just wants to pay 4. But if he choose the number "4", the trade fails: "invalid number" ... same with item. If buyer choose an other item, system will say "invalid item". BUUUUT if the seller has chosen "variable Number to 4" the Number "4" is accepted and the trade is done.
5. Seller get an ingame-message and a forum-message that someone bought his item.
6. Next Time seller and buyer relog, they found the switched items in inventory.

I hope u got it :-D


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Market on Website like the Reroll/Customize-System
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