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 HOW TO, get my ass maxed!

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Date d'inscription : 2017-01-11

HOW TO, get my ass maxed! Empty
PostSubject: HOW TO, get my ass maxed!   HOW TO, get my ass maxed! EmptyFri 13 Jan - 21:01

Since there's little to no pvp at all on this server for the time being due to major forces, I'll try to give my contribute to the comunity by giving some tips to new incomers on how to start and how to get maxed asap. Just a reminder this is the way I got maxed so please dont take me as the holy bible, there might be better ways then mine and whatsoever. And one more small thing I'm not a native english speaker so typos are unavoidable.

Mkay first of all you have to create your farming toon, it's not neccessarily your main toon so you can delete it whenever you're done. I began with 1 hunter and 1 warrior and I'll explain you why, shortly. Ok, now, we're fine to enter the game and to see our butts naked with a level 1 weapon in our hand. First thing we do every time we spawn in AH on a freshly new server is... open the ingame Item Mall ofcourse geek. We'll need 8 packages from it in this order (remember to unlock all the skills and to restat);

#1 30 Day Pack
#2 Teleportation Pack
#3 Link Pack
#4 Weapons 65 [of your faction] x4
#5 Archer/Ranger and Fighter/Defender 65 pack OR Hunter/Assassin and Warrior/Guardian 65 pack
#6 Accessory 65 x2
#7 Cape 65
#8 Gold Pack

And we're good for now. So, without opening your inventory or gearing up with your shiny 65 armor and weapon, log-off. When you log back in, all your items like weapons, armor will be automatically braced to [20] and rerolled, keep in mind that accessorries and capes on this server cant be braced so you'll see them rerolled only. If you accidentally moved the things in your inventory or geared up dont worry it's fine anyway, just store the items in your Warehouse and relog at your return in game all the items in your Warehouse will be braced and/or rerolled. Some might tell you to throw your items on the ground and pick them up, yeah that method works, but I find it highly inefficient.
Now, that we got our 2 shiny and freshly rerolled and/or braced sets it's time to link hey? NO! not yet, you bought that gold pack didnt you? Sell it and get those 4b we gonna need pretty soon. Now you might want to put the gear of your class on and store the second gear in your warehouse for your next toon, depends if you began with the hunter or with the warrior, it's the same thing since we'll need both of them. Now use that 30 day pack you bought and clean plus order your inventory.
Linking time! Mkay so first thing all the STAT lapises in this game can be bought from the AH vendors free or charge. Highest level lapis is level 7 (50 stats) and thats pretty much it. The debuf lapises exist but you wont put your hands on any for quite some time so we wont talk about it for now, just keep in mind that those lapises can be bought via donation points only or from people in game with various trades, 1 boss drops them (Seraphim) but he's pretty much farmed. Back to us... Open the Item Mall again and buy the elemental lapises packages, you can use 1 pair or you can use 2 pairs it's up to you, I used 2 pairs of weapons / tops. Now buy the STAT lapises that you need from the merchants in AH and start linking. I wont cover this part simply becouse everyone has a personal way to link so it's all up to you flash lapises arent needed for farming toons simply cause you'll be extremely fast anyway.
Awesome, we have braced, rerolled and linked gear now whats next? Clean the inventory ofcourse! lol! It's not a joke, do it... Now, there's 1 more merchant of our interest in AH and thats the Liquid Medicine Merchant in few words the pot merchant. Get from him all the pots you need, they can be bought From Item Mall free of charge but I simply find it faster to get them from the merchant since you'll never use all of them anyway.
Ok so are we ready to farm yet?? Hold your horses cowboy we are not! Dont forget to fill your skill tabs and hotkeys before going in a pvp map... Now do the same thing with your second farming toon.
Now that we have 2 freshly made farming toons  1 warrior and 1 hunter geared up, braced, rerolled, fixed and whatsoever we're finally ready to start farming!!!! cheers cheers cheers  WE MADE IT! It took me like 43 mins to do all this on 2 freshly made toons and you might think it's a waste of time, trust me it's not.
First of all you have to know that Mercury has 3 main farming maps

#1 Jungle
#2 KI
#3 DD1

First thing to know is what drops where so lets start by saying that;

Jungle drops Moon Chests from every single mob and mini boss, when you open the chest you might find different things in them like, Random Stones, AP, GM Rerolls, Mini GM Rerolls, Name Change, x2 potions, +10% potions  and some rare items like Kill Transfert and Tag. We introduced some items you have no idea what are they made for like Random Stones, AP and Mini GM rerolls the rest are self explanatory. We'll start from AP, Mercury's economy is based on 3 things mainly;

#1 DP, or Donation Points, you can get theis only from donating, some bosses and from winning the voting contest. DP's are used to get those items from the Webmall only, that are pretty hard to get ingame like, debuf lapises and Costums.

#2 AP, or I got no idea... lol! Aeria Points maybe IDK. This points are used to buy items from the ingame Item Mall and can be farmed pretty easy in Jungle and KI.

#3 Items, like GM RR +1 and Galactic items.

The GM Rerolling, you have to know that GM rerolls are pretty easy to put your hands on since they are a very comon loot from Moon Chests and you'll need both mini and regular GM rerolls atleast 100 of both.

#1 GM rerolls (the blue collored) is the only way to get a round 40 stat on your reroll since the highest stat you can achieve with regular rerolling is 39 and it's pretty hard to get.

#2 Mini GM Rerolls (multi colored) are used for 30 gear and 65 gear, so whats the point of this drop, well it might come in handy and can be a good practice on rerolling via the website that I'll explain shortly. Just keep in mind that with this drop you can upgrade 2 and I repeat 2 only stats of your 65 gear from 30 to 40 or 3k to 4k.

How do I reroll? Keep in mind that you'll have to log-off from the game.

#1 Log-in on the homepage with your name account and password

#2 In the User Menu you'll find the Black-smith section and the GM Reroll section that you have to click on

#3 You'll see on the top of the page some blue buttons with the name of your 2 toons on them, click on the toon that has the Mini GM Rerolls in it's inventory

#4 Select the item you want to upgrade

And here comes the tricky part. You'll see 3 rows, the first one is the current reroll on the item (for now it should be all 3K and 30) the second row is for your Mini GM Reroll and thats what we need atm, leave the third row for later.

So finally

#5 Click on the "+" button of the orange stat you want to upgrade from 30 or 3k to 40 or 4k.

Very important info: You can use only 2 Mini GM Rerolls or 2 GM rerolls per item and the highest amount of Orange stats on a 70 piece is 5. For example you can have 3 orange stats rerolled manually and 2 with GM rerolls, how to do that? We'll get there later.

Explained theis 2 things lets start farming shall we?
WRONG!!!!!! Go and vote for the game, this is very important for a newbie since every time you vote you get a Galactic Lock Chest that we'll see later. Keep in mind you can vote on 2 sites every 12 hours and 1 time every hour on oxigen. Never forget about voting it's extremely important not only for the game it's self but for you aswell.

Mkay now I'd suggest you log on your hunter and go in Jungle and start killing whatever you see moving.

Why in jungle and why a hunter?
Lets say that jungle is the fastest way to get AP and for a well built hunter even with 65 gear pretty much all the mobs are 1 hit. So only thing you have to do for like 2 hours of your life is spam 1 button, and that's auto attack. Farm as many Moon Chests as you can and stack all the drops you get from them, except for the Tag and Kill Transfert that you can sell for a high ammount of AP. How many AP do you actually need? you need 12.5k AP and thats kinda it but why will you want to keep farming in jungle for quite some time? For the x2 and +10% potions stack them to 60-70 of both we're going to need many in a while.
Why do you need 12.5k AP?
You need 10K AP for the 4 preeled tops you get from the ingame Item Mall (wich happen to be end game gear so buy those tops for your pvper toon not for your farming toon) and 2.5k AP for the preeled weapons that are in the ingame Item Mall aswell but they arent end game weapons. So you might ask your self why do you need to buy those 4 weapons, it's pretty simple tbh, you never know when you'll put your hands on end game weapons and some weapons tend to cost quite much. So stick to the preeled weapons that you get in the Item Mall for now.
Now that you finally managed to get the 12.5k AP some x2 and +10% potions and like 2 stacks of Random Stones lets introduce you to 2 new terms

x2 and +10% pots ; (log-off is needed)

Theis 2 pots go together and keep in mind that both will be active for a short amount of time (10 mins only). The 2 pots are used to have a bonus while rerolling on the WEBPAGE ONLY. So in the Black-smith section we saw before there's the Item Recreation section that you might want to click on and study a bit. It's almost the same thing as the mini GM Reroll we did not long ago. Click on the blue button with the name of the toon you have the preeled weapons in the inventory -> and click on the reroll button. You will notice that you have already a +10% bonus on rerolling without using the 2 pots this is very handy so keep it in mind. Now lets get to practice, use one "x2" pot and one "+10%" pot and log-off, IF YOU DONT LOG-OFF YOU MIGHT FIND YOUR SELF AT THE POINT THAT THE REROLLS YOU MANAGED TO GET WILL NOT BE PERMANENT. If you take a look at the bonus it's not 10% anymore it's 40% now so yes, you got it right, those 2 pots are used for rerolling only, reason why I said we'll need 60-70 of both. Now what you'll want to do is reroll 3 high stats on the preeled weapons you got before from the Item Mall. I'd suggest you to keep rerolling till you get 3 orange stats that are 33+ each it doesent matter if your stats on the weapons will go on INT , WIS and REC for example just keep in mind that you need 3 high orange stats. The position of those stats is not important.

Random Stones; (log-off is needed)

While farming in Jungle you probably got atleast 2 stacks of Random Stones, this items are extremely important for you while you're still in the newbie fase. Keep in mind you'll need many of them, for example to max my Guardian I used around 8 stacks of Random Stones and thats 800 of them. Now first of all you'll want to store the Random Stones in your inventory in the first bag and on the first slot. If you put them in a different position the script will not work. Now log-off and go back on the homepage, indeed you'll use the homepage pretty much in the first days but trust me thats completelly normal. Anyway, in the Black-Smith section we saw 2 times already you'll see the "Move your stat" section so click on it and study if for a minute, it looks familiar dosent it ?  lol! Now select the blue button with the name of your toon that has the Random Stones in it's inventory and select the weapon you want to "move the stats" on. If the script is not working this means the Random Stones are not present or are not stored in the correct position in your inventory or you're not logged off. While using the Random Stones you'll notice that the orange stats will remain the same but the position of the orange stats will change. Keep using random stones till you get the 3 orange stats in REC, LUC and WIS. Once you're done use 2 GM rerolls (remember I said you can use only 2 GM rerolls per item) not MINI GM REROLLS the regular GM Rerolls the one that have a blue icon and max out STR and DEX. The final result on that weapon should be 40 STR, 40 DEX , 33+ REC, 33+ LUC and 33+ WIS. This is the first fase of maxing out a piece of your gear or a weapon, keep in mind we're not over yet! But we are at a very good point. Keep practicing with the 3 weapons left and when you feel ready get those 4  tops ready.

While farming in Jungle you might get Keys as a drop from mobs or even a loot from Moon Chests, the keys are a very important drop so try not to sell it to any NPC, btw it's not a tradable item. I'll explain you in a while why you need the keys and many of them aswell. Just a hint for now, Keys and Galactic Chest Locks  scratch  scratch  scratch

Okay so lets say you already farmed in jungle like 60-70 of those freaking x2 and +10% pots. Took you quite a while didnt it ?  lol! You should sit on a good amount of AP aswell and a decent amount of Random Stones now and thats simply leggendary!
You can now log-off your hunter and log-in your warrior or if you're an aol log-off your archer and log-in your fighter. It has a sucky weapon so since you're sitting on a big amount of AP and pots you might want to buy some preeled weapons and fairly max them out dont you?  lol! It's always a good idea to have a better weapon while farming since a better weapon gives higher attack power so mobs go down easier. And you might need some practice to get along with this new sort of rerolling.
When you're done maxing the preeled weapons for your warrior/fighter it's time you put it to good use and go farm with it.
You might ask your self why not keep using the hunter... Mobs in KI are not 1 hit!  geek
So what do we have to farm in KI and where? The spots you want to farm in are KI elemental mobs in the area of Lumen, Secreta, Dentatus and Ales. The mobs here drop 3 items only;

#1 Random Stones
#2 AP chests
#3 Keys

OK! I bet you're confused now since theis 3 drops are the same as jungle drops, and yes you're right. BUT!!!! You're wrong at the same time cause first of all Random Stones are easier to get KI, while you dont give a darn about AP cause you're sitting on a huge amount of it already and you probably noticed that in-game there's not much use of AP anyway, people tend to trade item for item. And now the most juicy part, the Keys and hell yeah if we like it. While in Jungle the mobs have a 1% drop rate for keys, KI has a higher drop rate so go on and farm keys and random stones and meanwhile let me introduce you to one more term

Galactic Chest Locks;
Like I said you're getting them from Voting and indeed voting is important for the server and for your self. Voting is the only way to get Galactic weapons wich happen to be end game weapons , level 70 accessories(end game accessories) , Galactic capes (end game cape) and GM Reroll +1 that I will introduce to you later. Once you voted on the Webpage relog and check your Gift Box, you'll have 3 or more Galactic Chest Locks. To vote you have to log-in on the homepage and in the User Menu hit the vote button to be sent on the Voting page, from there you know what to do  lol!. Now Keys and Chests if you're trying to open the chests with a key you're doing it wrong  Evil or Very Mad First of all you need 3 keys for every Galactic Chest Lock and you need a quest for it so, Take the quest in AH from the NPC thats standing infront of AOL's Auction Board, the NPC is named Emperor Galactic and when you have 1 Galactic Chest Lock and 3 keys return the quest back and get a Galactic chest!!!!!! Hurray we've done it! What are the drops from that box,well;

#1 40% GM Reroll +1
#2 40% Galactic cape or weapon
#3 20% Accessory lvl 70

Keep farming and voting for now and keep in mind that you can vote every 1 hour on oxigen. Sell the galactic weapons and capes you'll not use or trade them for things that you will use on your main pvp toon. When you feel like you have a decent amount of Random Stones like 700+ of them you can push your self deeper and finally farm in our last map.


What drops here and where?
You get the rest of the end game pieces of your gear you need that means; walkers, pants, muffler and helmet. And every mob in DD1 can drop you that. Now you're probably insulting me and dont understand the point in all this, why on earth you had to farm lvl 70 end game pieces for last when they come so easy... It's pretty simple actually, yes you might farm end game gear right away but whats the point of doing so IF you dont have the items to max them up? Good question isnt it ? End game gear does not work like level 65 gear or weapons, when relogging it wont max up the Orange stats, you have to do it manually.
Once you have the full set of end game armor, reroll it, link it and use some GM rerolls on it. To get it braced to [20] a relog is needed.

So now, you have the best gear possible with 4 preeled tops, you're probably using 1 or 2 or even all 4 the galactic weapons and have all the accessories or atleast some of the parts and you have galactic cape already hence you might think you're done!!! But you're so wrong again  lol!  lol! . Well atleast you're wrong only in some way, you do have a decent gear to actually start joining the pvp raid but there's 1 more thing you have to know, remember that GM Reroll +1 ? Welp lets talk about that. I told you it's possible to have them from Galactic Boxes with a 40% drop rate AND you can get them from pvp aswell. Every time you join the pvp in mainly all the maps there's an NPC named "Seturn crowa" in base. Take the quest and start killing aol or uof depends on wich side you are when the counter gets to 100 kills return the quest and as a reward you can have

#1 GM Reroll +1
#2 Battlefield Rune 6h
#3 Key

What do I chose? Well what I do is pretty simple, every 6 gm reroll +1 I get 1 battlefield rune 6h dont bother with keys they are pretty simple to get and you know where. So lets talk about our final item

GM Reroll +1;

This is a tricky item and keep in mind it's somehow used as currency in shaiya mercury for the time being. Remember that third raw we saw when using the Mini GM Rerolls, well the third raw is used for GM Rerolls +1 but what do they actually do? In simple terms, it adds 1 stat point to an EXISTING reroll... Remember when you rerolled on 1 weapon with 3 orange stats at 33+? And remember when I told you that max manual reroll on shaiya mercury is 39? Well this is the final touch you give to your set. So in few words what do you do to max out your gear when you already have all the items you need

#1 Reroll it manually on the webpage by using the bonus pots
#2 Move the stats where you want them to be if necessary
#3 Use GM Rerolls on the gear
#4 Use GM Rerolls +1 to get those lower Orange stats to 39

Lets take a level 70 linked ring, when is it maxed?
The ring is maxed when the rerolls are 40,40,39,39,39.

I didnt cover GRB simply becouse it's an event running only once a week and people dont join the server only on sundays at 21 GMT+1.

So, it sure was a long guide wasnt it? Well you can start playing oops I mean farming now!!! Good luck and cya in game! sunny
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HOW TO, get my ass maxed!
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