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 Need more lower level content

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Date d'inscription : 2017-01-10

PostSubject: Need more lower level content   Tue 10 Jan - 23:00

Since i have started this server i have noticed one thing that i see on EVER other server i play, and that is: Max level pvp is the focus. Now im not saying max level pvp is bad, but its not the only pvp zone out there. This is the first server i have found in years that as decent stats in lower zones and already has somewhat decent pvp, but there is always room to improve. For starters, you NEED to have a GS staff member in each zone on both factions. GMs cant be everywhere nor should they be. I love how active the GMs are but they are not the only people to address problems. Having a GS in low level pvp zones it will allow them to call more the opposing faction, and maybe even start up some kind of event. Please consider this, and i would be MORE than happy to be that 30 zone GS if youll have me. Just remeber one thing: 70 pvp is not the only pvp, there is a whole community out there looking for low level pvp servers.
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Need more lower level content
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