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 Some ideas

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Date d'inscription : 2016-10-02

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PostSubject: Some ideas   Some ideas EmptySun 2 Oct - 15:07

Feel free to share your idea in here, since i get spammed to use the forum here i am (i hate forum)

First of all u should think to fix the Item Mall, if a Sin / Ranger use the lure skill by simply open the item mall u can avoid the run, so u got what i mea, fix it pl0x Very Happy

One more thing should be to add the dp points in item mall too, like for example 500 ap turn into 100 dp for webmall (u decide the amount then), at least everyone can get things faster

Also, remove or decrease the drop of AP lvl 1, everyone knows that those are useless and its frustrating when u drop 10 of those in a row Very Happy

Done for now, will just spam here if i have more to say, hf Very Happy
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Date d'inscription : 2014-10-01

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PostSubject: Re: Some ideas   Some ideas EmptyMon 3 Oct - 12:20


First, i can't fix the Item Mall bug if Sin / Ranger use lure skill exept if we change episode game for epi 5.4 and more and we will get Anti-Cutting.

DP (Donate Point), we can get this point only with donate, the server need money for survive (pay hosting, advertise on vote web site ...). So we need to keep 2 different money (Donate Point and "Farm Point : AP" ).

For the AP Chest, i increase the loot of Card 100/10 two days ago, we will check the evolution with this changement.

Thank for your server interest.
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Some ideas
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