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 Removing Tags

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Date d'inscription : 2016-11-05

PostSubject: Removing Tags   Wed 28 Dec - 10:01

I'm sure a lot of people will disagree, but I think we need to remove the tags from everyone. They are annoying and a pain to type especially people who somehow have 3 tags in their name... The only time tags have ever really been cool are when staff use them and when it's earned from winning an event such as a PvP event  for example. Just an idea. I understand this would affect a lot of people, but it makes it confusing. Also, staff could go back to being [GS]Moo for example with no more "_". Just my opinion and thought I would throw it out there. See ya'll on the battlefield ^^
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Date d'inscription : 2016-11-01
Localisation : Greece

PostSubject: Re: Removing Tags   Wed 28 Dec - 12:26

There are many vital problems staffs do have to deal with , other than this . So trust me and forget it xD
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Date d'inscription : 2016-12-19

PostSubject: Re: Removing Tags   Wed 28 Dec - 17:45

Or minimize the tags by a lowered drop chance. sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Removing Tags   

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Removing Tags
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