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 About debuff lapises and for pvp balance

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Date d'inscription : 2016-12-15

About debuff lapises and for pvp balance Empty
PostSubject: About debuff lapises and for pvp balance   About debuff lapises and for pvp balance EmptyThu 15 Dec - 8:24

Hey there. I do want to agrue with those debuff lapises. Well, for me i started to hate those debuffs cuz of every hit it gets stuns / silent as fck together with skills with stuns / silents too. Every second you get stun and its kinda annoying. I suggest to get those debuffs out of server so we do have a good and fair play for each other.

About pvp balance. I suggest every GS of each faction to do the monitoring in pvp. They must do their job to help their faction too. Not just having [GS] tags. To have a fair pvp, they must communicate with their fellow staffs from opposite faction too. So in that way, they can monitor how many numbers of pvpers are in their side. That way you can balance pvp. Example: 1 raid vs 1 raid and for the others that wants to join they must wait for the slot or make 2nd raid and sit / leach. Cuz AOL side has alot of numbers now, they must control their men to balance pvp with the UoF. Again let the GS of each faction do the monitoring about pvp to keep it balanced. Thanks

Yours truly,
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About debuff lapises and for pvp balance
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