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 Need info about DEX bug

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Date d'inscription : 2016-11-23

PostSubject: Need info about DEX bug   Wed 14 Dec - 20:53

I think we have a problem: until 1 week ago i had 1900 dex and it was enough for PvP. Now i tryed all the build: 1900-2000-2100-2200-2300-2400 dex and no one miss me, even better sometimes i miss them. Maybe something is gone wrong after the double restart, maybe the 25% chance to evade physical attack (Evasion Ascent passive skill) doesn't work now. This is a problem because an assassin without DEX is a free kill. Someone has got any info about?
Or, at least, someone can tell me at what amount of DEX it will be bug please?
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Date d'inscription : 2016-11-01

PostSubject: Re: Need info about DEX bug   Thu 15 Dec - 5:49

I use 1.8k dex on my Fighter and can hit most people, but frequently miss on high dex Hunters, I can't speak for Assassins. Assassin / Ranger gear has roughly the same defense as Fighter - you won't be a free kill.

I haven't played recently but my Fighter with 1.8k dex used to hit ~40% of the time on an Archer with 2.2k dex.
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Need info about DEX bug
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