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 Changes on items

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Date d'inscription : 2016-11-04

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PostSubject: Changes on items   Changes on items EmptyFri 4 Nov - 11:04


Since I can't post this to the chat box, I'd rather post it here and I hope you will consider this.

why did you decrease the drop rate of keys again to 1%? It is already hard to get the weapons for your class out of the galactic chests since it is not 100% guaranteed that you will be getting weapons. I've been doing the galactic quest for 3 straight days and all I've got is nothing but GMRRs. (Yeah! Seriously!) I would feel better if I've got a weapon even if it's not intended for my class but that's not the case. I am suggesting to decrease the drop rate or remove additional 10% and multiplicate x2 from moon chests because even if you use them or not, you will still get almost the same stats. And also decrease the drop rate or remove GM linking hammers and extraction hammers from moon chests as well since almost no one is using those items and you can also buy them from IM. Please help us to complete our gears. Do not make it even harder for us to farm as it is extremely hard already.
You don't want your players to leave the server, do you? So please, let us have fun. Let us all be geared easily and start enjoying pvp since you are not a farming server.

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Changes on items
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