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 To all QQers

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Date d'inscription : 2016-10-20

PostSubject: To all QQers   Thu 20 Oct - 15:02

I don't know what you've done with Warriors but i lost aroudn 400 to 500 atack damage i was having fun and it's not cool man give it back and ignore Those QQers crying about it let us warr players have some fun finaly instead of getting rekt in pvps so easily, before wed do some more damage and ofc die intantly cuz everyone know warrs are bit squishies now meh barely doing 6.5k instead of 8k and you even dropped hp by 5k jeesus man let us have fun, please add those stats back on warrs e.e and to all ya QQers stop crying and l2p.
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Messages : 2
Date d'inscription : 2016-10-21

PostSubject: Re: To all QQers   Fri 21 Oct - 20:53

I understand but It might be more of balancing compared to every other classes for example Mages dont have AR which is a huge huge change according to class .Balancing every class is important
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To all QQers
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