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 Best PvPers of The week!

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Date d'inscription : 2016-10-18

PostSubject: Best PvPers of The week!   Tue 18 Oct - 18:31

This an thread for people to say who's the best pvpers of the week in their opinion.

Warrior : Empyrean / [GoD]SlimShady
Guardian : [GS]_Wrex[Urdnot]
Hunter : Micha / LordMercury
Pagan : Psyko
Sin : imstun / DeadPool
Orc : HoneyLemon / mysh[<3]

Fighter : SoEasy
Defender : TyrgO
Archer : [GS]_Z-69
Mage : Havent seen a decent one yet
Ranger : Havent seen a decent one yet
Priest : Lust

( Just copy and paste )
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Best PvPers of The week!
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