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 Annoying Scams

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Date d'inscription : 2017-04-17

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PostSubject: Annoying Scams   Annoying Scams EmptyThu 4 May - 11:48

Would be nice if you guys do something about scamming.
It is rly annoying and no one gives a f*ck about it
50% players scamming.. SS's are useless so players have to make proof by making video.

You may not Trade Scams – Scamming players out of items will result in a ban and removal of the items in question.
Thats Rules about scamming.

Which means. scammed person is basicly fucked up..
Heres an exemple player scamm full set from someone ,  drop on ground and  pick up with other toon u wont have it in logs
unless u check trade and Item ID which is boring and takes some time.. and im sure u dont rly care to do such things.
so scammed player have to make video of scamm and send it via ticket.
u guys will check ticket and ban that account.. which means scammer got free set and scammed person is idk scammed o.O
and about "call staff team to help with trade" is not rly an option since they are not always online. and even if they are in 50% of time they ignore that kind of work.
Dont take it as an provocation or so. Just trying to let u know that is one of reasons why players quit.
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Annoying Scams
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